Teachers Coming From Overseas

Understanding Melbourne

Our agency is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, operating in the Northern and Western suburbs of Melbourne.

We are about a 1.5 hour flight south from Sydney. Teachers arriving from overseas usually stay in the inner southern suburb of St Kilda, this area is ideal for travel into the city and all connections to public transport are excellent. Just keep in mind; distances are longer to travel to schools, many schools that use agencies are approximately a 30 minute tram/train ride from the city area.

Another suggestion is to have a look at our school term dates. You can find them on www.education.vic.gov.au, key in term dates in the search engine on the home page, this website will also give you information about working in schools in Victoria.

Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) registration is required before you are able to teach in Victorian schools. Our suggestion would be to apply for VIT registration before you leave home. The website for the Victoria Institute of teaching is www.vit.vic.edu.au


Once you have VIT registration or registration is pending, you can apply to the agency for work. Unlike the UK, Australia does not currently have sponsorship positions available in schools. For further information on obtaining permanent teaching positions you would need to apply directly to schools.

Working during term breaks

During the term breaks, casual relief teachers are able to apply for work with Camp Australia www.campaustralia.com.au.  Camp Australia is responsible for organising term break holiday programs for children throughout Victoria; it would be advisable for you to contact them as soon as possible after arrival in Australia.  Local councils also accept registrations from teachers for term break programs in schools.

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