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Why am I doing CRT work?

You may have applied for contract work and were not successful, you may want to keep your options open and have a look at a few schools before you commit to a contract, you may be traveling overseas at a later date and just need some teaching work until you leave, there are a number of reasons for undertaking casual work.

Our agency is well represented in the Northern and Western areas of Melbourne, you may wish to consider casual relief teaching if you are a recent graduate and have not been successful in obtaining a contract position, or as a stepping stone towards contract work.

Who is my employer?

The Authorities such as Workcover and the Australian Taxation Office have deemed Primary Education Management (PEM) as your employer. PEM is responsible for your salary, superannuation and workcover, public liability and professional indemnity insurances.

How am I paid?

CRT’s are paid on an hourly basis, rates vary from agency to agency, once you have registered you will be advised of our daily rate. Normally, you are paid for a 6 hour day 9-3.30pm with a half hour lunch break deducted. If you are required to work longer hours at a school you must notify the agency and you will be paid for the total number of hours worked less your lunch break.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid every Friday for the previous week’s work you have undertaken, your pay will be credited directly into your nominated bank account.

Who pays my superannuation?

PEM has a legal obligation under the SGC that we contribute 9.5% of your gross salary, if you earn over $450.00 per month, to your nominated superannuation fund. Our default fund is VicSuper.

Am I covered for insurances?

Yes, PEM has public liability, professional indemnity and workcover insurance for all Primary Education Management employees.

I am a secondary trained teacher. Can I work in the primary sector?

Yes, as a CRT the legislation allows you to work from P-12, this does not apply if you are considering contract work.

Can I nominate the days I would like to work and schools I want to work at?

Yes, you can but remember the less days you nominate and if you specify only certain schools you want to work at, you will minimise work opportunities.

How am I notified of work?

You will receive an SMS from us offering you work; we will notify you of the school and the class you will be teaching, all you need to do is respond to the SMS message. If you are not mobile savvy we can ring your landline that is not a problem, you can also contact the agency and let us know if you are unavailable at any time so we will not contact you for work.

Other information:

  • When you arrive at a school it is very important that you report to the office and advise them you are from PEM
  • Always carry your VIT card.
  • We will send through your timesheets to the school, you do not have to worry about a thing we do all the administration for you. We see your job as delivering the curriculum for the day.
  • Always ask at the office if there is anything you should know about the grade you are taking for the day, e.g. do they have sport or an excursion, are there students in the grade requiring medication throughout the day?
  • Work to a high professional standard.
  • Work to the Occupational Health & Safety Standard of the school (all schools have this information you can ask to see their policy).
  • Report any instances of concern directly to the agency, the agency will act on your behalf if necessary.

Accepting contract work at a PEM school

If you are offered a contract at a PEM school and you would like to accept the position, then we only ask that you contact PEM and advise us, that way we will not be contacting you for daily CRT work.

Can i work independently at PEM schools?

No.  Once you have registered with PEM you cannot work independently at our schools, all bookings must come through PEM.  If however you are working at a PEM school and they ask you to work other days that is not a problem but you must notify the agency so we can organise for you to be paid.

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